Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Truth That The Media Hides From You

People need to get their priorities right. . .?
You think the person next to you cares about you so much even though they were never there from the  beginning but one person was.

People need to WAKE UP & STAND UP & look around you, see what is going on, people are standing up against what is wrong in this world, we are not followers, because if we were, we screwed up by following the Prime Minister & Nick Clegg who took away half of your British Rights & your Human Rights when they introduced 'Bedroom Tax'

But what did you do? Did you sign petitions? Did you strike over a month? 

Of course not, many of you are just too comfortable sitting down, watching the brain dead Russell Brand, 20th Century Fox, Charlie Sheen all these have an Agenda. . . Guess what you're not PART of it, you NEVER was.

The Queen is not legitimate, so next time you see the 'Royal Family' maybe you need to research & do some History with Tony Robinson maybe you need to join Anonymous Operations who will make you understand why we are here, we demolished the EDL, we leaked out the worst things online than the current government could or did.

Truth is, we are not the enemy here, we are from that, but you are not part of the plan because you were never in the game, but there has been times when you don't listen, we stated that we would have a Conned Government 5 yrs ago.  Ross Kemp even told you so, but you all had different agendas, just like today.

You really think 'Terrorists' exist?  You really think the IRA wasn't funded by the MI5?  You really think that Enemy of The State is just a movie?  You really think V For Vendetta is NOT going to happen?  You really think your country cares about you?  (Unless you with the BRICS) 

Wake Up, Research The Truth & Facts.  Last Time I Checked The Sikhs Blew Up Air India, Flight 182 Murdered 331.  No War, No Blood Shed From India, UK or The USA.  Because It Was An Inside Job & The West Did Not Care.

Only a few will take this information, use it & share it.  Please do, because this is not just useful knowledge to know, but it is knowledge to share around you.

Peace & One Love ~ Raj